Statement on TEFANZ Representation

(adopted July, 2019)

TEFANZ is at times asked to provide representation and TEFANZ may seek representation on groups or working parties whose work aligns with the purpose of TEFANZ. TEFANZ representation is essential for achieving the purpose of the organisation (see extract from constitution below). This document is intended to provide guidance on protocol for TEFANZ representation.

Principles for decisions on representation of TEFANZ:

Those representing TEFANZ should:

  • understand and reflect the purpose of the organisation through their representation work
  • where suitable and possible, consult with the TEFANZ executive prior to the representation regarding background information and views to be shared
  • provide a written report in a timely manner to the TEFANZ executive on the meetings attended and any related materials, with a view to a version being included in the TEFANZ newsletter for member organisations.

Who will represent TEFANZ?

  • If the chairperson is the person invited, the chairperson or chairperson nominee will be the representative.
  • If the TEFANZ executive committee is asked to provide representation, the chairperson will communicate the invitation to the executive committee. Representation will be decided on the basis of suitable expertise and availability. If no executive committee member fits these criteria, TEFANZ member organisations will be asked to send the chairperson ideas of suitable people for the representation, with rationale for their suggestions. The chair will then make a recommendation to the executive committee.

Costs associated with representation:

TEFANZ will meet reasonable costs of representation where these are not met by inviting organisations.