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An Invitation to ATEA and TEFANZ members:

Publication with Springer


Call for Chapters:

Teacher Education In and For Uncertain Times


The 2018 joint Conference of ATEA and TEFANZ will be held from 4-6 July in Melbourne, Australia. ATEA, in collaboration with Springer, is calling for Chapter Proposals for an edited book on the Conference theme of Teacher Education In and For Uncertain Times. The book will be launched at the 2018 ATEA/TEFANZ Conference and replaces the opportunity to submit papers as refereed conference proceedings.


Teacher education internationally faces uncertain times. The provision of teacher education is increasingly diversified across public and private interests, and reviews of teacher education provision in several countries have continued to question its efficacy and impact. The pre-service teachers and in-service teachers with whom teacher educators collaborate also face uncertain times. Entry pathways to initial teacher education are narrowing in some jurisdictions, pre-service teachers are increasingly subject to assessments of their performance in relation to professional standards, and graduates can struggle to find ongoing employment or employment within their specialisation. Practising teachers also face new and uncertain challenges related to new regulatory demands, funding models, policy frameworks and regimes of assessment that foster competition, rather than collaboration, between educators. Young people across education contexts are growing up in an era of rapidly increasing social inequality, where problems of opportunity and achievement persist for many groups, amidst discourses of ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake news’.


This volume considers the role of initial and continuing teacher education in uncertain times. It elaborates principles and practices of teacher education that maintain curiosity and optimism about the potential of teacher education, and about the manifold achievements of pre-service and in-service teachers. It reports the work of teacher education researchers who are engaging with how teacher education can prepare teachers committed to counter-oppressive curriculum and pedagogy, and reflects the critical role of teacher educators as public academics.


Chapters are invited relating to the theme of ‘uncertain times’ across the breadth of contexts that prepare educators for their professional practice. Sub-themes include:


  • Policy, research, and practice in initial and continuing teacher education
  • International comparisons in teacher education policy and practice
  • Methods and innovations in teacher education research
  • Initiatives that explore the contribution of teacher education to society

Chapter length: 5000-6000 words (including references)


Authors: Maximum number of four authors per chapter. The lead author must be an ATEA Member or employee of a TEFANZ member institution, and at least one author must register and present the chapter as a paper at the 2018 ATEA/TEFANZ Conference (Melbourne, 4-6 July).


Timeline: Chapter Proposals must be submitted by CoB on Friday 15th September 2017. Maximum length for Proposals is 1000 words. There are no fixed headings for chapters but each Chapter Proposal must provide:


  1. A summary of the scholarly or research aims for the work reported in the chapter
  2. A description of the context or setting for the work reported in the chapter
  3. A summary of the substantive literature drawn on for the chapter
  4. A description of the theoretical or conceptual framework adopted in the chapter
  5. For reports of empirical work, the Proposal must include a description of research methods (including approaches to data analysis and ethical considerations)
  6. A summary of the chapter’s main claims and/or findings
  7. Implications for policy, research, and/or practice arising from the work


  • Authors notified of acceptance/rejection of Proposals: by Friday 22nd September 2017. Details of the Springer template, formatting requirements and consent to publish forms will be sent with notification of acceptance of Chapter Proposals
  • Full chapters due: Monday 31st October 2017
  • Reviews completed and chapters return to authors: by Friday 17th November 2017
  • Final chapters, including amendments, due: by Friday 15th December 2017
  • The final edited and ‘print ready’ chapters will be sent to Springer in January 2017.


Please note: The Editorial Team reserves the right to accept or reject Chapter Proposals. Acceptance of a Chapter Proposal does not guarantee acceptance of the draft or final chapters. Full chapters must be print ready and in Springer format when submitted by 31st  October 2017.


We appreciate this is a tight turnaround! It is to ensure that the book is available to participants at the ATEA/TEFANZ 2018 Conference. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Best wishes,

Deborah Heck and Angelina Ambrosetti (Editors)


Please submit Chapter Proposals via email to by CoB on Friday 15th September 2017 with ‘ATEA Chapter Proposal’ as the email subject heading. You will receive confirmation by return email that your Chapter Proposal has been received.