AGM Minutes 2013

Teacher Education Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand (TEFANZ)

Te Rauika Titohu Kaiako o Aotearoa


Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting held at the University of Canterbury on 26 July 2013


Confirmation of the minutes of the AGM meeting held during the biennial Conference at Massey University 24-26 October 2012: The Chair moved that the Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record: Agreed.



  • TEFANZ Annual Report:  The Chair presented the 2013 Annual Report. It was discussed and accepted by the members.


Matters arising:

  • Financials

The TEFANZ Financial Report was tabled.  TEFANZ Executive approved the report at their 8 March 2013 meeting in order to meet incorporated society’s year-end reporting requirements.

Annual membership subscriptions: As per the recommendation in the 2013 Annual Report, the Chair moved that the basis for annual membership subscriptions be changed from institutional EFTS to teacher education EFTS. The motion was passed unanimously.

Henceforth, TEFANZ subscriptions will be  $1000 for institutions with fewer than 500 teacher education EFTS and $2000 for those with more than 500 ITE EFTS. It was agreed that subscriptions would continue to cover the period July to August.


  • Constitution

In accordance with members agreement at the 2012 TEFANZ AGM to review the (1996) TEFANZ constitution and associated rules, a revised document was posted on the TEFANZ website and mailed to institutional representatives beginning of July 2013.  Jenny Ritchie presented the revised constitution to members and discussed the proposed changes and the reasons for them.  A motion to accept the revised TEFANZ Constitution was moved by Jenny Ritchie and seconded by Mary Simpson. The motion was passed unanimously.


  • Executive

Lexie Grudnoff nominated Beverley Cooper (Waikato University) as Chair of TEFANZ (seconded by Mary Simpson and Jenny Ritchie). AGM participants unanimously endorsed the nomination and Beverley Cooper was duly elected the new Chair of TEFANZ.  Lexie thanked TEFANZ Executive and members for their support and involvement during her time as Chair.

The Executive comprises Beverley Cooper, Chair (Waikato); Barry Brooker (Canterbury), Lexie Grudnoff as immediate Past Chair (Auckland); Mary Simpson, Deputy Chair (Otago), Tracey Hooker (Wintec), Bev Norsworthy (Bethlehem), Sally Hansen (Massey), and Cheryl Stephens (Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi).


  • 2013 TEFANZ Forum

Appreciation was expressed to Barry Brooker and the organizing committee for the timely and stimulating Biennial Forum Catering for Diversity.  The Forum, hosted by Canterbury University, attracted over 60 participants.


  • Awards

TEFANZ received no nominations for the 2013 Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education and Emerging Teacher Educator Awards.  Members were asked to encourage applications for the 2014 awards.


  • Future TEFANZ events

The meeting was appreciative of Wintec’s offer to host the next TEFANZ Conference in July 2014 – thank you Tracey Hooker.  The theme will be Spicing up Teacher Education: Spaces, Places, Innovations, and Connections in Education (SPICE).  The proposed dates are 8,9,10 July 2014. Information will be posted on the website including dates for proposal submissions.

AUT has offered to host the 2015 Forum – thank you Lyn Lewis.


  • TEFANZ research

o    Preparedness to Teach Surveys

Lexie Grudnoff, on behalf of Executive, presented results from the final trial of the TEFANZ exit e- survey.  In 2012, 811 graduating ECE, Primary and Secondary student teachers from eight ITE institutions completed the exit survey developed to ascertain perceptions of graduating students’ preparedness to teach. Participating institutions received a copy of the TEFANZ report with aggregated national data, and a report containing data on their own graduating students’ perceptions of their preparedness to teach.  TEFANZ covered the data analysis and distribution of results to participating institutions.

It was agreed that entry and exit surveys be administered cyclically. In 2013, students in one-year programmes can take part in the entry and exit surveys, while new undergraduate students can participate in the entry surveys. The next cycle will start in 2015 with entry and exit surveys available for students in one-year programmes, and exit surveys for students who entered their programmes in 2013. Papers related to the design and testing of the surveys have been presented at TEFANZ forums/ conferences, AERA 2012, ATEA 2013, and ECER 2013. Members expressed very positive support for the initiative. Members were asked to encourage their students to participate in the surveys. It was agreed that TEFANZ would cover the costs of the 2013 national and institutional reports.

o    Other initiatives

TEFANZ Executive continues to explore the mechanics around funding teacher education related collaborative research. One of the issues is how to mitigate the overheads institutions take off research funding.

Bev Cooper and outlined the discussion she and Lexie Grudnoff had with Professor Marilyn Leask regarding TEFANZ’s involvement in the MESH Project at the 2013 ATEA Conference in Brisbane. The aim is to develop an international e-repository of educational research for practice. The meeting agreed to fund TEFANZ to become a founding member of the MESH Project.

 There being no further business, the Chair thanked those present for their attendance and declared the meeting closed.


Attendees   TEFANZ  AGM 2013


Susan Sandretto University of Otago
Lia De Vocht University of Canterbury
Lyn Foote University of Otago
Jill Paris University of Otago
Ronnie Davey University of Canterbury
Letitia Fickel University of Canterbury
Jo Fletcher University of Canterbury
Cheryl Greenfield Manukau Intitute of Technology
Janet Malcolm Manukau Intitute of Technology
Jane McChesney University of Canterbury
Ngaire Hoben University of Auckland
Karyn Fielding UOCE
Stuart Wise University of Canterbury
Glynis Cooper Eastern Institute of Technology
Jan Byres Eastern Institute of Technology
Di Scouller Laidlaw College
Raymond Stripling Bethlehem Tertiary Institute
Ross Berrnay AUT
Jenny Ritchie Unitec
Angel Chan Unitec
Mere Skerrett University of Canterbury
Ngarewa Hawera University of Waikato
Meremaihi Williams TWO Awanuiarangi
Jeanne Sheehan University of Auckland
Judith Donaldson Massey University
Barbara Caygill Bethlehem Tertiary Institute
Christine Coombes Wintec
Tracey Hooker Wintec
Phil Ozanne Bethlehem Tertiary Institute
Fi McAlevey Open Polytechnic
Ann Balcombe Open Polytechnic
Liz Everiss Open Polytechnic
Derek Hartley Open Polytechnic
Walt Rutgers Eastern Institute of Technology
Mary Simpson University of Otago
Bev Cooper Waikato University
Lyn Lewis AUT
Lexie  Grudnoff


University of Auckland