TEFANZ Newsletters Archive

After each TEFANZ Executive Meeting we write to member institutions outlining the business that has been attended to. Here we publish the newsletters so that individuals who may not have received a copy through their member institution, may remain informed.

Newsletter No. 13, Poutū-te-Rangi | March 2023

LATEST NEWSLETTER, No.12, Noema | November, 2022.

Newsletter, No.11, Poutū-te-Rangi | March 2022.


Newsletter, No.10, Noema | November, 2021.

Newsletter, No.9, Poutū-te-rangi | March, 2021.

Newsletter, No.8. Noema, 2020.

Newsletter, No.7. August 2020.

Newsletter, No.6, April 2020.

Newsletter, No.5, November 2019.

Newsletter No.4, July 2019.

Newsletter No.3, April 2019.

Newsletter No.2, October 2018.

Newsletter No.1, July 2018.