Purposes, Processes and Criteria


TEFANZ AWARDS are a mechanism by which the organisation signals the value placed on teaching, research and administration related to teacher education. The awards recognise outstanding contributions and excellence by individuals.  They encourage members to aspire to excellence and to develop a deep understanding of teacher education in order to teach and design high quality programmes that produce independent, critically reflective, effective beginning teachers and foster innovation in support of the TEFANZ goals.


• Nominees must be teacher educators from an institution that is a member of TEFANZ.

• Nominations are normally called for in July with a mid-August deadline and the selection of recipients takes place in early September. Some variation to these dates may occur from year-to-year depending on the timing of a forum or conference.

Two teacher educators from an institution that is a member of TEFANZ may nominate a teacher educator for an award.

• Nominations should consist of a written statement from each person making the nomination; a copy of the nominee’s CV and may also include letters of support.

• An awards committee comprising the Chair of TEFANZ, two other members of TEFANZ and an independent consultant with an understanding of the field will consider the nominations and decide on recipients of the awards.


The awards consist of a citation and a taonga and are open to all teacher educators who are members of a TEFANZ organisation. The recipients will be announced and presented at an appropriate TEFANZ event (conference or forum).

Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education Award

This award is designed to provide recognition for significant contribution over time to teacher education.

Normally nominees will have:

• held significant leadership roles in teacher education and have a national profile.

• completed at least 15 years service as a teacher educator.

• demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching and research and a deep understanding of teacher  education.

• a record of innovative practice in area/s such as: curriculum development and design, assessment or evaluation of practice.

In addition, evidence of some or all of: working and interacting with student teachers, contributions to teacher education at a national level, mentoring and support of colleagues within and beyond their institution will be looked for.

Emerging Teacher Educator Award

Normally nominees will have:

• completed between 4-8 years of service as a teacher educator.

• demonstrated excellence in teaching.

• established a record of engagement in research and publication.

In addition, evidence of some or all of: innovative practice, emerging leadership and on-going links to the profession will be looked for.