Dr Amanda Bateman



Since her appointment to the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato in July 2010, Dr Amanda Bateman has demonstrated outstanding growth and exemplary performance as a teacher and researcher.  Gaining her PhD in 2010 from the University of Wales, Swansea, receiving a Faculty of Education Teaching Excellence award in 2012, promotion to senior lecturer in 2013, and the award of two Teaching and Learning Research Initiatives (TLRI) in the last two years illustrates her exceptional work.

Dr. Bateman is passionate about all aspects of her role.  She receives consistently positive feedback about her teaching from students and colleagues.  She is highly enthusiastic, brings current research and theoretical ideas into her teaching, and communicates effectively with students and colleagues. Amanda’s enthusiasm for research has grown out of an exceptional doctorate, which used innovative new methodologies that articulated a specific analytic technique of conversational analysis and membership categorization to investigate children’s social interactions and use of language. As an exciting emerging researcher Dr. Bateman is either project leader or team member in several significant research projects.  Each of these projects is making a difference for children, teachers and parents associated with ECE locally, nationally and internationally, including a project exploring children’s “earthquake play” in Christchurch and how children’s wellbeing could be supported through their play. Her research and publications are highly regarded by academics, practitioners and students and her publications are being used for teaching in ECE programmes in Sweden, England and Australia.  In addition to hosting local scholars, she has also attracted international scholars to the University of Waikato to present and collaborate in projects with our Early Years Research Centre.

Dr. Bateman has developed excellent collaborative relationships with teachers and always shares her findings at teacher seminars and conferences where they are discussed with great interest.  Dr. Bateman’s leadership is shown in the roles she has carried out during her short time at the Faculty including being a member of the Research and Leave Committee and organising the weekly colloquium where researchers present and discuss their current research and ideas and in teaching others in the use of specific tools in research.

Dr Mandy Bateman is a worthy recipient of the 2014 TEFANZ “Emerging Teacher Educator” Award.