2008 Conference

TEFANZ Conference 2008

School of Education, University of Waikato, from 2-4 July.

Conference theme: Restoring context, critique and connectedness to teacher education

Convenor: Catherine Lang, School of Education, University of Waikato.

Keynote addresses

Karaitiana Tamatea and Ray Gage, The University of Waikato. The wharenui and connectedness, Te Ao Hurihuri Wharenui

The Hon. Chris Carter, Minister of Education.

Prof. Colin Gibbs, AUT University. Teacher presence and relational connectedness: Reclaiming the teacher in teacher education.

Assoc. Prof. Wendy Drewery and Maria Kecskemeti, University of Waikato. Restorative Practices: Implications for Teacher Education.

Assoc. Prof. Alan Hall, University of Waikato. Learning to ‘do the right thing’: Helping beginning teachers to think and act ethically.

Refereed papers

Barbara Backshall & Norah Parsonage, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. A unique group gains access to early childhood teacher education: Graduating teachers for the new millennium.

Beverley Clark, AUT University. Human development theory and teacher education: Essential knowledge?

Nicki Dabner, School of Literacies and Arts in Education, College of Education, University of Canterbury. Critiquing current practices: Preparing BTchLn (Primary) graduates for the beginning teacher employment process.

Nesta Devine, School of Education, University of Waikato. Restoring? What are we restoring? Revisiting Dewey’s place in teacher education in New Zealand.

Fiona Ell, School of Teacher Education Practice, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. What is the relationship between personal content knowledge and learning to recognise key features of children’s work in mathematics and writing?

Dawn Garbett, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. Repositioning self as a neophyte in the teaching-learning relationship.

Dawn Garbett, Rena Heap & Alan Ovens, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland.

Paper 1: Peer-teaching as a means to understand teacher education pedagogy.

Paper 2: Team Teaching: Unpacking teacherly decision making and professional knowledge.

David Giles, School of Education, University of Waikato. Experiencing the teacher-student relationship in teacher education: What can the stories tell us?

Barbara Harold, College of Education, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates. Connecting past present and future for pre-service teachers: An account of an oral history project.

Christine Mercer, Patrea Andersen, Wendy Booth, Toni Hocquard, Maureen Kelly, Mandy Williams, Pamela Wood, Waiariki Institute of Technology. Being in a place for writing research: Reflections and evaluations of a writer’s retreat.

Jenny Ritchie & Cheryl Rau, UNITEC Institute of Technology. Learnings from Te Puawaitanga TLRI project: Partnerships with tamariki and whānau in bicultural early childhood care and education (2006/07).

Non-refereed papers

Helen Aitken, Jenny Ritchie, Peter Lind, UNITEC Institute of Technology. An overview of the New Zealand Teachers Council research ‘Learning to Teach: Success case studies of teacher induction in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sue Bewley & Dianne Smardon, School Support Services, School of Education, University of Waikato. Supporting teachers to inquire into their teaching practice.

Neil Couch, School Support Services, School of Education, University of Waikato. Teacher educators grounded in school governance.

Kiri Gould, UNITEC Institute of Technology. Perceptions of field based teacher education.

Joce Jesson & Hemi Dale, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. Integrating /disintegrating curriculum: Issues about space, place, time and who?

Alyson McGee & Anne Lawrence, Centre for Educational Development, Massey University College of Education. Teacher educators leading their own learning: A study examining an evidence-based professional learning project.

Beverley Norsworthy, Bethlehem Tertiary Institute. Connectedness makes a difference in initial teacher education.

Susan Elliot, NZEI Te Riu Roa: New Zealand Educational Institute. NZEI perspectives on primary and early childhood teacher education.

Anna Jo Perry, AUT University. Working with refugee families in the early childhood Upon-Arrival Programme: The challenges to student teachers on placement.

Brian Prestidge, School of Education, University of Waikato. The ‘Making a Difference’ research project: The role of initial teacher education and the first two years for secondary beginning teachers.

Jeanne Sheehan, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. Dispositions: Professional behaviours in the spotlight.

Mary Simpson, University of Otago. Blended learning in initial teacher education.