TEFANZ  invites nominations for the following prestigious awards: Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education, Emerging Leadership in Teacher Education, and Fellow of TEFANZ. Please note the closing date has been extended to 20th June 2022
The awards recognise outstanding contributions and excellence by individuals.TEFANZ AWARDS are a mechanism by which the organisation signals the value placed on teaching, research and administration related to teacher education.  
There are three types of awards and these will be presented at 2022 TEFANZ AGM 20 July, 5-7pm 
1. Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education 
2. Emerging Leadership in Teacher Education 
3. Fellow of TEFANZ  

The first award for Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education  is designed to provide recognition for significant contribution over time to teacher education. The second award Emerging Leadership in Teacher Education  is to recognise the work of an emerging teacher educator. The third award Fellow of TEFANZ is a new award to recognise  sustained outstanding leadership and contributions to TEFANZ.  

 Full details of the awards can be found on the TEFANZ website TEFANZ AWARDS  along with nomination forms. Note •An award committee comprising the Chair of TEFANZ (or nominee), two other members of TEFANZ, and an external representative usually a past award winner will consider the nominations and decide on the recipients of the awards.
•Nominees must be teacher educators from an institution that is a member of TEFANZ.•Any two teacher educators from an institution that is a member of TEFANZ may nominate a teacher educator for an award. 
•Nominations should consist of a written statement from each person making the nomination and a copy of the nominees CV. 
•You may include letters of support.   
Please send your nominations for these awards to bcooper@waikato.ac.nz by 20 June  2022, with ‘TEFANZ awards’ in the subject line of the email.