Teacher Education Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand – Te Rauika Titohu Kaiako o Aotearoa

TEFANZ Award taonga

TEFANZ Sustained Excellence in Teacher Education Award

The taonga is called Koru and is by Tiwi Iti from Ngati Maniapoto.

The koru represents the fern frond as it opens, bringing new life. It also represents a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings. It is often associated with nurturing. All these meanings are appropriate metaphors for people who have had careers that involved ongoing interest in new learning and teaching, and who have mentored and inspired others.

The piece is made of aluminium and totara.

TEFANZ Emerging Teacher Educator Award

The taonga is called Te ahi whakahou and is by Nathan Roa from Ngati Maniapoto. The piece represents the renewing or reinvigorating fire – an appropriate metaphor for emerging teacher educators who inspire those around them.

The piece is made of aluminium and totara.